Hi, My name is William and I am the founder of Eco-Bowls,

My journey started back in 2014 when I was walking down the beach with my family in Cyprus (Nissi Beach) and I couldn’t believe the amount of plastic that was floating in the ocean and the litter that layered the rest of the beach.

After only visiting a few months prior to this to plan my wedding and the beach front looking clean and the ocean crystal clear due to it being out of season.

This is something that has always stuck in my mind that such a beautiful place could look so different after only a few months due to plastics and litter destroying the ocean and harming the sea-life.

A few years later we went on holiday to Ibiza, I sat on the beach watching the famous Ibiza sunset whilst drinking from a coconut.

Then this idea popped into my head why not make eco-friendly cups from coconuts.

So when I got home I looked into this and I got in contact with Thuong who is an artisan from Vietnam he has a very successful family run business in making eco products and I asked him if he could make me some cups from the coconut shell and he advised me cups will not work very well from the coconut shell but bamboo grass will, So he showed me the bamboo cups and I was very happy I had finally found a replacement for plastic cups.

Over the next 2 years I saved enough money to start Eco-Bowls, I called Thuong and told him I was ready so he went ahead and made them for me whilst the cups was being made he showed me the bamboo straws, coconut bowls and cutlery that his family made and I was blown away by the quality of each product so I put my order in for everything they produced and I haven’t looked back since.


William Atchinson